We’ve arrived in Costa Rica and spent a couple of days in San José, Costa Rica’s capital city.  After settling into our hotel in Santa Ana, a suburb of San José, we decided to take the city bus into downtown.  We walked around the Mercado Central, which has a lot of little craft stands and then stopped by a local bakery for some yummy treats.  Later we took a tour of the Teatro Nacional – one of the city’s most gorgeous landmarks.

During this trip to the city, we managed to buy bus tickets to Nosara and recharge a Costa Rican SIM card Mike bought from a taxi guy at the airport.  Both seemed sketchy at the time, but everything went so smoothly!  Thank goodness I speak Spanish because this adventure would be a lot more difficult just speaking English to the locals.  Most ticos (Costa Ricans) seem relieved when I start speaking Spanish to them!  Glad to be using my native language a bit.